LATEK OOO (Limited Liability Company)
LATEK OOO (Limited Liability Company) HUNTING and SPORT
LATEK OOO (Limited Liability Company)
LATEK OOO (Limited Liability Company)  
LATEK OOO (Limited Liability Company)
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LATEK OOO (Limited Liability Company)


Price reduction for revolvers with Flobert cartridge.

“LATEK” arms plant and “Safari-Zbroya” arms shop. 20 years. It’s history, present and future.

Means of active defense are on sale again starting from September:

And a brand new product on the Ukrainian arms market:

“LATEK” OOO (Limited liability company) – is the biggest private arms production plant in Ukraine.

LATEK heads an arms direction of Safari Concern that includes production and sale of weapons (airguns, traumatic weapon, weapon with Flobert cartridges, firearms, smooth-bore and sports weapons), sports equipment and inventory.

Big popularity have already gained such products as Safari RF revolvers with Flobert cartridges that don’t require special permission to buy, Chaika air rifle of different modifications, Safari 820G traumatic revolver and “Altay” hunting guns.

Our enterprise permanently follows the new technologies in arms business, takes into consideration responses of customers and tries to make its products competitive not only in quality but also in price.

“Safari” Concern also includes:
•    “Zbroya” arms shop  where you can buy all products by “LATEK” and also a wide range of hunting weapons, knives, bows, crossbows, scopes, hunting souvenirs, etc.;
•    Wide-range multimedia shooting gallery where you can shoot even with your own weapon;
•    Highly efficient arms workshop where our specialists will help you to choose and install a scope, to make arms’ adjustment and to help choosing good weapon cartridges.

Market of hunting and self-defense products becomes more and more popular nowadays. Within the conditions of market economy, great attention is paid to qualitative product in reasonable price. One of the main advantages of “LATEK” plant is providing with stable supplies and regular assortment updating.

We have completely modified our manufacture. To make customer’s service work better there was created a sales office that was renewed after. “LATEK” plant uses high-qualitative equipment; manufacture of products has a completely closed cycle and strict quality control is held at every assembly step.

“LATEK” plant has concentrated on wholesale trade. The days when gun stores looked like half-dark closets with a limited range of weapon covered with dust have passed. Any partner store has an accurate thought-out gallery where any person can buy products for an active rest. We offer a big variety of products that will satisfy both regional market operators and small retail stores.
Cooperation with us allows regional profile stores to offer their customers best products in competitive prices. “LATEK” plant offers a wide range of products and also special products by partners’ orders.




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