22.12.2004 SAFARI 820 G revolver

The revolver is intended for shooting with unitary cartridges of central ignition of 9 mm caliber as strike and shock action, equipped both with an elastic bullet, and gas, and noise cartridges (for the purpose of giving sound signals).

A positive feature of the revolver among any model of a self-loading gun is a possibility of using noise and gas cartridges, and also cartridges filled with a bullet of traumatic action in any sequence. At self-loading shooting with a pistol using noise and gas cartridges one needs an additional technological insert in a barrel channel that excludes the possibility of simultaneous use of traumatic cartridges (for this purpose an insert has to be dismantled), or to overload a gun manually.
Structurally the revolver consists of three main details (a frame, a barrel and a rotating drum with a central extractor) and a firing mechanism of double action. Drum charging is carried out by its folding to the left. All the details of a firing mechanism are made of high-quality steel that assumes its guaranteed working time for not less than 5 thousand shots.
The frame that is made of light corrosion-resistant alloy has a monolithic construction that promotes its lightness, strength and durability.
It is possible to execute various overlays of the handle (wood or rubber-plastic), and also nickel-plated or black blueing of a surface of revolvers details.
At a customer request the revolver is delivered complete with a universal holster for carrying on a belt or hidden carrying, and also with "Teren-3R cartridges of 9 mm caliber.
Safari 820G revolver was presented at the annual weapon exhibition in Nuremberg (Germany) in 1999 where it was highly appreciated by the experts.
By the results of complex tests the revolver has got a certificate where the main operational criteria of the weapon are specified: the shooting capacity is not less than 5 thousand shots, work reliability is provided at the temperature from +50C to -50C, accuracy shooting at the distance of 7m no more than 10cm.