18.08.2014 Safari Sport rifle of the drum type with Flobert cartridge

Wed like to present you a new product of Latek plant - Safari Sport rifle of the drum type with Flobert cartridge. The rifle has a rifle barrel 428 mm long, wooden orthopedic butt and regulated aiming devices. Long barrel and sterling butt allows making a comfortable sight shooting at longer distances in comparison with Safari RF standard pistol with 4 caliber.
This rifle as all revolvers of Safari RF series has a steel firing mechanism, a steel 9 charging drum and a steel rifle barrel. Butt and pivot of Safari sport are made of beech and was given a coat of varnish.
Characteristics of Safari Sport revolver rifle
Drum rifle with Flobert cartridge with long rifle barrel is an ideal choice for teaching young shooters dealing with firearms and is also a wonderful mean for active rest.
We are sure that youll like our new product that will also shock you with its price.
You can buy a rifle with Flobert cartridge inSafari Zbroya store and wholesale department of Latek plant.