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12.08.2014 :: News of company

Anakon AK-100 Semi-Auto gun in Safari Zbroya arms store of Latek plant

In Ukraine Latek LLC represents a hunting gun of our partner DERYA ARMS Turkish company.
DERYA ARMS company was established in 2000 in Konya, Turkey. Now the enterprise produces semi-automatic and pump hunting guns of different calibers. High quality of DERYA ARMS guns is widely known at home market of Turkey. Modern equipment and production technologies and efficient specialists help DERYA ARMS guns to concur demanding International market. Today the company exports its products to the USA, Canada, Germany, England, Denmark, Russia, Portugal, Mexico, Australia, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
All the products meet high standards of importing countries.
LATEK LLC presents the next models of guns
Anakon AK-100 Semi-Auto model:
  • Caliber - 12
  • Cartridge 76 mm Magnum
  • Magazine 6+1
  • Barrel length 47 cm
  • Weight 3 kg
  • Chokes are in a set
  • Plastic butt

You can buy Anakon AK-100 inSafari Zbroya store and wholesale department of Latek plant.

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