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18.08.2014 :: News of company

Safari Sport rifle of the drum type with Flobert cartridge

Wed like to present you a new product of Latek plant - Safari Sport rifle of the drum type with Flobert cartridge. The rifle has a rifle barrel 428 mm long, wooden orthopedic butt and regulated aiming devices. Long barrel and sterling butt allows making a comfortable sight shooting at longer distances in comparison with Safari RF standard pistol with 4 caliber.
This rifle as all revolvers of Safari RF series has a steel firing mechanism, a steel 9 charging drum and a steel rifle barrel. Butt and pivot of Safari sport are made of beech and was given a coat of varnish.
Characteristics of Safari Sport revolver rifle
  • Caliber 4 mm Flobert (4 mm Randz. court or 4 mm Randz. long);
  • Barrel length, mm - 4281;
  • Overall dimensions (length, width, height), mm - 8351; 371; 1831;
  • Weight without cartridges, kg 1.0;
  • Pull-off effort of the raised cock, N (kgf) 9.8÷29.4 (1.0÷3.0);
  • Trigger creep, mm - 133.0;
  • Drum capacity 9 cartridges;
  • Shooting distance, not more than, m 50;
  • Effective shooting distance, m 1-15;
  • Bullet speed at 3,5 m distance from a muzzle end, m/s - 16020;
  • Cross dispersion while shooting at 5 m distance, not more than, mm 50.

Drum rifle with Flobert cartridge with long rifle barrel is an ideal choice for teaching young shooters dealing with firearms and is also a wonderful mean for active rest.
We are sure that youll like our new product that will also shock you with its price.
You can buy a rifle with Flobert cartridge inSafari Zbroya store and wholesale department of Latek plant.

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