OCM 731-3 operational characteristics meter

Producer: LATEK LLC
OCM 731-3 optoelectronic measuring complex (operational characteristics meter) is a multipurpose device used for measuring speed and shooting arms bullet energy (mode of single shots measurement) and arms firing speed parameters (mode of firing speed measurement).

Basic characteristics:

  • speed change range - 1.0-2000 m/s;
  • energy change range - 0.01-10000J.;
  • registered firing speed - 0.1-6000 shoots per minute;
  • possible measurement ability - 0.1microsecond;
  • maximum relative error of speed measurement - 0.5%;
  • maximum error of energy measurement - 1%;
  • weight setting up range - 0.01-99.99g;
  • active zone size - 250x300mm.
The device has a regulated non-volatile memory for 250 values of measured speed in a mode of single shots measurement and also 125 speed values and 125 values of time range between shots in a mode of firing speed measurement. It is possible to indicate maximal, minimal and average values of measured parameters from all information being stored in data memory. The device has an informational computer output through USB-port.
Warranty service is valid during 2 years.