“Chaika” air rifle, 01 model

Producer: LATEK LLC
The first air rifle of the Ukrainian production
It has been developing by production team of “Latek” enterprise during 2009-2011. Herewith, the advantages and disadvantages of the existing similar models of different manufacturers were taken into consideration.

As a result we have a standard model possessing such positive characteristics:
•    Light bullet speed is 305 m/c;
•    Completely steel shotgun rib that is regulated in two planes essentially increases safety and durability of this important unit;
•    Closed (protected) muzzle-sight is also made for this purpose;
•    Point of inflection is balanced and reduced for making the rifle charge process more easy;
•    Firing mechanism of the original construction promotes easy and light pull-off;
•     Safety catch allows avoiding unwilling shots;
•    Air rifle shooting capacity makes more than 10 thousand shots;
•    Secondary blowback of spring-piston group while shot is essentially reduced;
•    Due to the usage of special oil the dieseling effect has been corrected;
•    Cup resource has been significantly increased;
•    Starting bullet speed always remains constant;
•    Rifle weight has taken a considerable place among the similar models – 2,7 kg (GAMO Vaiper-X = 2,4 kg, Hatsan – 70 = 3,1 kg)

It is important to know that as for now it’s the only air rifle on the Ukrainian market being provided with full factory warranty and spare parts accordingly. The rifle is ready for exploitation and doesn’t require reactivation.