Chaika air rifle, 12 model

Producer: LATEK LLC
“Chaika” air rifle, 12 model with gas spring
“Chaika 12” is a new model of spring-piston air rifle with breakable barrel for a cock. The model is equipped with gas spring and orthopedic rifle butt that allows its more comfortable holding in hands.

Technical characteristics:
•    Light bullet speed is 330 m/c;
•    Completely steel shotgun rib that is regulated in two planes essentially increases safety and durability of this important unit;
•    Closed (protected) muzzle-sight is of strictly classic shape;
•    Point of inflection is balanced and reduced for making the rifle charge process more easy;
•    Firing mechanism of the original construction promotes easy and light pull-off;
•     Safety catch allows avoiding unwilling shots;
•    Air rifle shooting capacity makes more than 10 thousand shots;
•    Secondary blowback, vibration and noise of spring-piston group while shot is essentially reduced;
•    Due to the usage of special oil the dieseling effect has been corrected;
•    Cup resource has been significantly increased;
•    Starting bullet speed always remains constant.