SAFARI 820G traumatic revolver, nickel/plastic

Producer: LATEK LLC
Type: Traumatic weapon
New revolver modification: steel drum is for shooting two types of cartridges (pistol type 9 PA and revolver type 9 PA). Steel details of revolver firing mechanism promote high guarantee quality that is 5 thousand shots.
Nickel-plated case, rubber-plastic handle
Caliber – 9 mm
Revolver weight without cartridges – 0,67+0,015 kg
Weight of loaded revolver – 0,7 kg
Overall dimensions, mm:
-length: 176,0+1,0
-width: 37,0+2,0
-height: 116,0+1,0
Barrel length – 51,0+0,5 mm
Trigger pull with previously cocked revolver – 24,5 (2,5)+2,94 (0,3) N (kg/c)
Trigger creep length – 23-5,0 mm
Drum capacity – 6 cartridges
Efficient shooting distance – 3,5-10,0 m
Bullet speed at 3,5 m distance from muzzle end is 300±20 m/c
Minimal shooting distance on live target is 3,5 m
Dispersion diameter at 5 m shooting distance is not more than 100 mm
In order to reload a revolver you have to fold the drum aside. Steel firing mechanism is of double action. Guarantee use for not less than 5 thousand shots at a temperature of +50 and -50.