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Safari RF-461 revolver, walnut    /LATEK LLC/

Safari RF-461 revolver, walnut





Safari RF-461 revolver is for sport-training shooting using Flobert 4 mm cartridge with 0,5 g. lead ball and pyrotechnic charge. Steel firing mechanism promotes guarantee working capacity of 5000 shots. Regulating shotgun rib is a feature of the given revolver.

Photo: Safari RF-461 revolver, walnut

Blued revolver with walnut handle
Caliber – 4 mm Randz. Long
Revolver weight (without cartridges) – 0,85 kg
Drum capacity – 9 cartridges
Effective shooting distance – 1-10 m
Bullet speed at 3,5 m distance from muzzle end - 160±20 m/c
Revolver recharge principle – aside folding drum
Steel firing mechanism of double action

Overall dimensions:
width – 37,0 + 2,0 mm
height – 116,0 + 1,0 mm
barrel length – 152,0 + 0,5 mm

12 months guarantee.
This type of weapon doesn’t require special purchase order!

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