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Gun oil, 50 ml    /LATEK LLC/

Gun oil, 50 ml



RZh gun oil is used for cleaning surfaces from scale, greasing and short-term preservation of all small arms’ types: rifle-bore, smooth-bore weapon and airguns.

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RZh gun oil is all-season, all-weather, multigrade gun oil for cleaning, greasing and preservation of metal surfaces.

Main features of gun oil:
•    Doesn’t freeze at -60 degrees that provides small arms units with constant work;
•    Doesn’t enter into reaction with contaminations;
•    Doesn’t form sediments;
•    Doesn’t damage wood, plastic, rubber and varnish;
•    Gets into the smallest defects and keeps surfaces smooth;
•    Removes gun powder and tomback residues, dissolves gummy bad-quality and oils;
•    Removes scale;
•    Removes sediments;
•    Covers metal with the thinnest oil film;
•    Safely protects from moisture impact during long time;
•    Removes rust;
•    Protects from contaminations.

RZh oil is packed in plastic flask of 50 ml volume with a sprayer. The flask is of small size and comfortable for usage shape.

How to use:
•    Spray oil at dirty details
•    Remove the remained oil with dry cleaning rag in 20-25 minutes.

Precautionary measures:
•    Don’t use near open fire
•    Don’t warm above +45º
•    Keep away from children.

Shelf life – 5 years.
Oil is produces according to: TC U 23.2-30802090-111:2009

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