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LATEK arms plant and Safari-Zbroya arms shop. 20 years. Its history, present and future.

1994 Opening of the first arms shop "Safari Stil" on Sumskaya Street in Kharkov - was very important for those firms occupied with security. The Safari Concern began its commercial history exactly with security business. "Inex" security agency being the first enterprise of the Holding was opened and started its work in 1991. Before the opening there were sports-commercial projects such as: SC "Victoriya" and the International youth center of taekwondo "Ukrsib-profi". It was also over important in a transitional period when hunting fans could use guns like after "the best in the world Soviet" : MOSSBERG, MAVERIK, BROWNING, BENELLI, BERETTA, WINCHESTER, ANTONIO ZOLLI after "the best in the world Soviet" hunting gun; or compare knifes by PUMA, BUCK, KA-BAR, HERBERTS with "ours of stainless steel".

Having occupied a premise of an old hairdressing salon, the first shop "Safari Stil" has been opened in 1994 having got the license of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to sale hunting and cold steel arms. From that moment the novelties of the best world manufacturers are being introduced to Kharkov citizens.

The second shop "Safari Land" and the shooting stand were opened in Militia House of Culture in 1995 where competitions on bench shooting have been conducted.

Some time has passed and the working process of a totally new business for everyone has shown the necessity of opening the big salon-shop with a full variety of goods and organization of the own manufacture for high-quality customer's service, considering the necessity of warranty and post-warranty weapon service.

At the end of 1996 we have bought a shop on Krasnoshkolnaya riverside that became a big salon-shop with spacious halls and impressing range of products. One can say with an absolute confidence, that for that moment, it was the largest salon-shop in Ukraine with a repair shop and a rich range of products for any taste. Thus, we have actually created the first Ukrainian network of weapon shops under "Safari" brand.

The strongest paintball team in Ukraine was organized approximately at the same time; there were conducted different tournaments and the official Championship of Ukraine.

In January, 1997 five Kharkov enthusiasts have decided to buy two workshops of the Kharkov metal product plant. The plundered premises were re-equipped in a half of a year, the industrial equipment was set, and the state License for production of fire hunting weapons was received. So this is how a weapon industrial enterprise "LATEK" has emerged.

Turkish weapon company "AKKAR" has become the first supplier of accessories for smooth-bore hunting guns production in Kharkov since 1997. The first guns of Kharkov manufacture out of Turkish accessories have been sold already in September. Now this is a thousand of smooth-bore guns of fifteen various models of 12 and 20 caliber in a year.


The new revolver model - traumatic «SAFARI» 820G - for shooting a 9mm cartridge with a rubber bullet has appeared on the basis of gas revolvers which production has been mastered together with Czech firm "Alpha-proj" in 1999. Now it is the best traumatic revolver in Ukraine which steel drum allows shooting both revolver and pistol 9mm cartridges.

Since 2004 the manufacture has mastered a release of a new revolver for shooting with Flaubert 4 mm cartridge. Now there are already four models of the revolver with different barrel length that are produced - «SAFARI» RF-420, RF-431, RF-441, RF-461. High quality of revolvers provides their stable demand, despite a tough competition on the arms market.

In 2005 LATEK enterprise has completely certificated its weapon manufacture according to Ukrainian standards.

In 2005 the company has opened an outlet arms store "ZBROYA". A wide range of wholesale production and accurate work of sales department have provided proof reputation among numerous organizations of the Ukrainian arms market. The produced weapon has strongly won its market segment, possessing high quality with rather low price. An accurate warranty and post-warranty service of its production promote trust growth to firm production.

The first traumatic pistol of LATEK company production - SAFARI MINI has come into the market in 2008. It is the most light and compact 9 mm steel pistol in Ukraine.

In 2005-2008 there was an essential re-equipment of manufacture and introduction of new technologies for Ukraine in manufacture of cut barrels of small caliber. It has allowed to start a release of own cut barrels of 4,5 mm caliber and up to 500 mm length in 2010.

In 2009 the LATEK Company has opened a specialized weapon Workshop at the place where "ZBROYA" shop was located. Certainly, it has essentially increased volume and quality of our given services. "Safari Zbroya" firm has realized several special projects during its working period.

In 1997 due to Safari the "Sheriff" program has successfully passed. Together with the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kharkov region the district police have been trained, completely equipped and armed by a smooth-bore gun "Apache" and a revolver chambered for Safari rubber bullet. Every district - sheriff has got the fully completed special militia small suitcase.

"Cycle police" was another original joint project with law enforcement bodies. Our firm has bought bicycles and full ammunition for the police employees.

Our manufacture was visited by the officials of different rank. In the beginning of 2000 the authority of the State Committee Enterprise being headed by Kuzhel Aleksandra Vladimirovna has visited Kharkov for the purpose of conducting an offsite meeting of its department. Within their events they have visited our manufacture and even tried some models of weapon.
The enterprise contacts with leading world arms brands: AKKAR, ALFA PROJ, CZ, FABARM. In 1999 for the purpose of expansion of made production assortment and acquaintance with leading world manufacturers we have visited Italian plant FABARM and have concluded a number of agreements.
We are official trade representatives of such worldwide known knife manufacturers as Zlatko, Zlatoust, Kizlyar and Twin Tauer. In Ukraine we represent Turkish firm Derya (guns) and Vormensky factory of forged products.

Annually our experts visit the biggest and most prestigious exhibition in Nuremberg in order not to lag in world arms tendencies. IWA and OutdoorClassics is the International industry exhibition of hunting and sports weapon, accessories and equipment for protection, security and rest and is the 1 exhibition in the world in its field.

Production of our enterprise by special orders or in limited parties has jewellery ornaments made of precious metals, stamping, and engravings.

The first serial production of air rifle Chaika of 4,5 mm caliber has started in Ukraine in 2011. Possessing good quality and attractive price the weapon of enterprise production has strongly gained its market segment. Warranty and post-warranty service of products promotes confidence growth in firm products.

A lot of things have changed in the arms business of "Safari": assortment, teams of professionals, but we had always possessed the desire to satisfy the requirements of customers in buying qualitative production and giving the perfect service.

In 2013 there was taken the decision about full modernization of arms manufacture, and with that purpose the newest equipment was bought, training of employees was carried out and the sales department was updated. Now we have a closed production cycle and a possibility to make the realization of the scheme: price-quality-service, in the best possible way. Besides weapon, the new equipment allows producing a large assortment of consumer goods, we can produce non commercial and non-standard equipment, details, components, also by unique drawings of the customer.
The main types of products are certified.

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